Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ethiopia 8/6/08

Today we are taking our new show on tour and traveling throughout southern Ethiopia. "A Child's Eyes", inspired by the youngest member of the circus, Baby. The show was written with a current situation in mind. Southern Ethiopia is dealing with the hardships of a green famine. In the summer months of February there normally is some rain that produces a small summer crop. For the entire summer there was no rain. For the last two weeks Ethiopia has been blessed with rain and the landscape now is lush and green. The green landscape is deceiving, the crops are growing but its too early to harvest them and people are still starving. Some of the villages we will be performing at include Jinca, Arba, Mincha, Komso, and Karafer. Baby told me that he wanted to perform a show that would bring happiness to the villages. To sum it up in one sentence "A Child's Eyes" is a story based around how quickly children have to grow up here in Ethiopia. In the story the main character is effected by circus and they get to take back some of their childhood.. I hate to give this example but I think that it will paint a picture, some of our audience will consist of topless women that national geographic is know for photographing. It will be really interesting to see how this tour goes.

Journal Entry 8/6/08
I'm standing next to John the director of the circus and he receives a phone call from his wife Maggie. A few days ago he picked up a rooster for 25 burr at the market. Two dollars and fifty cents. Tomorrow Maggie will be fasting for the next couple of days, before the fast she would like to eat chicken. In traditional Ethiopian society women are not allowed to kill animals. Every other day here in Ethiopia the government shuts off the water. Today is a water day and even more of a reason to get it done. As a westerner I am removed from some important steps in making chicken. I'm even more removed from making coffee. For coffee Maggie buys the bean, then roasts them herself stirring it constantly. She smashes the beans with a huge mortar and pestle. Finally she makes coffee out of it. Back to the chicken. The bird legs are untied and a curved knife is used to cut off its head. Within an hour we are eating one of the best meals I have ever eaten in my life, one that I am really thankful for. As I travel through southern Africa there will be no way to send e-mail or check the internet. My mobile number here in Ethiopia is 091-318-3415. Ben


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