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Our Mission:

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Zany Umbrella Circus exists to build and strengthen communities through education and folk artistry-- particularly puppetry, circus, music, storytelling, street theatre and visual arts. Bringing together large, diverse audiences, we strive to reintegrate art into daily life through shows that tickle the imagination and teach important life lessons.

Zany Umbrella Circus uses art as a vehicle to further social change, promote dialogue, teach cooperation skills and encourage children of all backgrounds to use their imaginations and create artwork of their own.

In 2008 the Zany Umbrella Circus has obtained a new venue for performance and community events, the Zany Tent. Taking its cue from the tented traveling Chautauquas of the 1900's.  The Zany Tent is a world-class wonder. Hand-sewn by Italian master craftsmen, the Zany Tent is the size of a city block.With funding from The Sprout Fund's first ever Root Award, the tent is a one of a kind venue for off-beat talent and events.

We are happy to announce that the Zany Tent is now available for rental.